While Traveling series part 2: Breakfast with Panache

I’m going to put this out there right now- for all of you out there that “don’t do breakfast” I say hold it! Stop right there! Get back on the morning track. If you never heard it from your doctor, you’re going to hear it from me- Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You don’t have to do a big fry up every morning for it to be considered a proper breakfast. Yogurt and fresh fruit would do the trick. Especially when your traveling; with climate differences, elevation differences and/or culturally different food, having something in your stomach is better than nothing. If you want something inbetween and want a worthwhile juant, then it has to be The Nook in Jupiter Florida.

 Located at 223 Center Street, Jupiter- this quaint rustic restaurant looks more like a family home. And at it’s core, that’s exactly what it is- family style. The Nook is family owned, operated and managed. From the bus boys to the waitresses; they are all family. And the locals know it. If you’re not there early then prepare to wait because the secret’s out…the price is right and food is delicious. From the moment we walked in we were greeted with a smile and took a seat at the bar (our choice). Personally I love eating breakfast at the bar, it makes me feel like I”m at Mels Diner (for all you youngin’s who don’t get the reference-this one will need to be googled). With mom running the front end and dad as head chef, this family is a delight to watch in action. They know their food, know what to recommend for the first timers, and have a few secret weapons up their sleeves. For example when ordering the orange juice speciality; if you notice how happy your feeling after your third glass, it’s not the vitamin c…..it’s the champagne! That’s right I”m talkin mamosas and when you’re on vacation, there’s nothing better then a little bubbly with a healthy dose of vitamin c.

All the food is made from scratch and is served in portions made for two. I ordered the greek omelette without feta cheese ($7.25). It’s a healthy choice with peppers, black olives and spinach and comes with homestly farm fresh toast (fyi: the wheat comes with oatmeal grain and flax seed- very healthy). Also on our menu selection was a country style eggs benedict ($7.50) with chedder cheese and a hearty helping of sausage gravy; and the shrimp benedict ($8.50) topped with romoulade, blackened shrimp and hollandaise sauce. Each dish also comes with a heeping serving of home fries or grits and they do offer some vegitarian options.  If you have celiac or gall bladder disease then I wouldn’t recommend the latter two options as they are both laddened with healthy doses of grease and saturated fat.

The great thing about The Nook is that they can and will make anything you want to order. So for those of you who are digestive sensitive, this place is perfect and you can’t ask for a better breakfast spot that will beat their prices. For the amount of food you get, the price is penny wise. And if Momma hasn’t struck up a conversation with you, then turn your attention to the walls. You’ll feel like you just stepped into your aunt marie’s house (yes we all have one in the family). The walls are adorned with all kinds of funny antidotes, stories and “have to remember” sayings.

If your on vacation near the Jupiter area then you have to visit The Nook- it will bring you back to those good ole’ days, and that’s just the way I like starting out my mornings on vacation!



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