Let’s face it–it’s hard for those who need to eat gluten-free (GF) to find places where they can. Digestive sensitivities can cause anxiety, stress, depression, and can take the joy out of eating anything. Food is a necessity for all of us, but for those who are GF, or have Celiac, food sometimes feels like the enemy. Sweet Pea Bakery, is added to a short list of places in WNY that is catering to the GF population–but not leaving out the rest of us!

Located in Staub Square in Hamburg, NY, Sweet Pea’s owner, Audrey, has struggled with gluten most of her life, which is where her inspiration for great tasting gluten-free baked goods comes from.

While I don’t need to eat GF, I always like to experience the food for my readers who are. Sweet Pea Bakery offers many items, both baked goods as well as breakfast and lunch items. For desserts, the lemon blueberry muffins ($4.00) are surprisingly very tasty. Fresh lemon zest mingles with fresh plump blueberries neatly tucked into a soft, moist muffin. I almost forgot it was gluten-free! However, my absolute favorite dessert (seriously, I’ve gotten it four times), is the Carmelita ($3.50). This chewy oatmeal dessert bar comes with owe-gooey caramel, and dark chocolate layers, then baked to give it a moist decadent texture. When ordering this dessert, it comes out toasty warm! Sooo good.

On the meal side of things, Sweet Pea offers both GF and regular food items. The Egg 20170327_131614Souffle ($3.50) comes in a flaky pastry, with earthy herbs and cheese. If you are craving soup, all of Sweet Pea’s soups are homemade, and most are GF. The list of soups changes often, so stop by or call ahead to get the day’s fresh batch. While I’ve had the Hummus wrap ($7.50), and the Tuna wrap ($7.50) which is offered in a GF option, my favorite sandwich is the Chicken Salad ($9.50). It’s made fresh, with chunks of white meat chicken, red onion, and cashews and served on a buttery, warm croissant.

Sweet Pea’s Bakery is more than a simple healthy breakfast and lunch hub, they also offer events such as, birthday parties, dessert and drinks (for those over 21), and a very creative Paint the Town event where you can learn to paint from a local artist–this event is held by Sweet Pea, and they supply everything needed, you bring the wine.

If you haven’t checked out Sweet Pea Bakery, I highly recommend it. It’s a great space with a village atmosphere, friendly service and good food. 20170327_131559


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SM Traphagen is a writer and novelist. Her works have appeared on Buffaloeats.org, Accounting Today Magazine, St. Reds Magazine, The Culture-ist Magazine, Buffalo Healthy Living Magazine, among others. With a fiction novel written, the hope is to expand the world of fiction in fun and creative ways. Her love of writing fiction and food have culminated in a website that blends the two, including Digestion Suggestion and Untold Shorties.

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