Pillar’s of Nutrition with James Duigan: Re-Post

James Duigan is a world-renowned wellness guru and owner of Bodyism, London’s premier health and wellness facility. His approach to nutrition and wellness is unique compared to the breadth of information out there. He is one of the world s top personal trainers, with locations now in the United States.

He lives, eats and breathes the Clean and Lean way of life and makes it his mission to enable people to realize their physical and mental potential. What I’ve found interesting about Duigan’s philosophy is his understanding of the mechanics about the body, and his ability to work within the framework of “We all have weaknesses and that’s ok.”

Duigan has written several books, including, The Clean and Lean Diet, and The Clean and Lean Warrior.

I’ve been following James and his wife Christiane for some time now, and I’d like to share a video he recently did on Pillar’s of Nutrition:

Our new book, The Four Pillars of Health, is launching this year. In the run up, we are holding a series of talks focused on the four pillars: Nutrition, Movement, Mindset and Sleep. Welcome to the first talk: Nutrition…
The Nutrition Talk- Part 2

The Details…
This talk took place at Bodyism, London– the flagship Bodyism members club in Notting Hill.

Rhaya Jordan is a naturo-path and nutritionist who has practiced around the world for the past 30 years. She runs a series of clinics with Joe Cross and is the nutritional consultant for Daylesford Organics in the UK.

James Duigan founded Bodyism over ten years ago. Having started as a Personal Trainer, he had the single goal of changing people’s lives. After selling over 1 million books worldwide, James continues to pioneer the wellness industry.


James Duigan & Rhaya Jordan Talk – James’s Emotional Relationship with Food from Bodyism on Vimeo.

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