logoIf you are a traveler and love to visit new places, Fredericksburg Virginia is chalk full of food culture and couture history. I mean who doesn’t want to visit the stomping grounds of George Washington! For me, it’s a great way to truly get to know a new place; figure out what makes it tick. I love that feeling of discovery, and when I’m wowed…well that’s even better.

I’ve had the chance to truly take in all that Fredericksburg has to offer, as I have family and friends that live in the area. Over the span of many years, I’ve had the joy of touring, tasting, and traversing Fredericksburg to great length.

The very first president of our beautiful nation, George Washington not only grew up near Fredericksburg Virginia, but had a vision of a great and powerful nation that would be built on republican lines using federal power. He sought to use the national government to preserve liberty, improve infrastructure, open western lands, give a pulse to commerce, found a permanent capital, and promote a spirit of American nationalism. Fredericksburg is immersed in this very spirit and vision.

Check out Potomac Point Winery, George Washington’s childhood home at Ferry Farm or take a walking tour of rustic downtown Fredericksburg–of which I have personally indulged in some serious shopping and eating. It’s an area plucked out of time; preserved with a touch of class, drizzled with urban culture, and topped off with an amazing food scene.

A hidden gem that showcases Fredericksburg’s great food scene is Brock’s Riverside Grill. Located at 503 Sophia Street, it is perfectly situated downtown, right on the Rappahannock River.

What makes Brock’s so unique is their distinction for creating a fun space with pairing events and cuisine. They are passionate about food, wine, and creating an inviting atmosphere. A great example of this is touted in how the staff is trained. On a random uneventful day, we’re talking a rainy Monday when many other places were closed, my husband and I stopped in to Brock’s. We were greeted with great craft beer, lightly coated calamari (literally greeting us, as if it knew we were coming in to eat it) and wonderful conversation with the general manager. Management is so passionate about their food and wine pairings, they arrived early that day and conducted a wine training with staff for an upcoming event. They take their events seriously and go to great lengths to make them fun, festive and delectable.

Check out their smokin’ ribs and live music on Thursday nights, happy hour with friends and great burgers Monday through Thursday, a craft beer list that will make any beer connoisseur salivate, or truly tantalizing wines that can be purchased to take home with 33% off the menu price.

Brock’s St. Louis style ribs and Chicken Tortilla Soup are both worth bragging about, but so are their specials. Five star cuisine such as spinach & goat cheese stuffed pork roulade over roasted red potatoes and rainbow carrots with a dijon cream sauce, or their lemon, herb, and garlic marinated Red Snapper over garlic mashed potatoes and sautéed asparagus. Can you say yum!

But let’s not forget the “special” events that Brock’s hosts. From wine pairing menu nights to the Bartender’s Battle Royal (which starts soon and culminates in a liquor slingin’ showdown May 9th), Brock’s not only serves good food, but packages it in a brag worthy, welcoming atmosphere.

For Fredericksburg touring information visit Things To Do.

For ticket information on the Bartender Battle Royal, visit Brock’s Facebook page.


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