Digestion tip of the week: Nutrition= A balanced life

Finding a great place to dine out for those with digestive sensitivities is important. Why? Well for starters sociability and atmosphere always help during these long winter months; secondly it’s nice to get out and have a great meal and good conversation once in a while. We shouldn’t have to sacrifice going out on the town just because we have strict dietary needs.

But it is also important to know how to eat healthy even when you don’t dine out. Good nutrition is key to a balanced lifestyle; both internally and externally. Nutrition aids in healthy skin complexion, a regular digestive system, improved mental health and overall mood. While it can be irritating to find food that tastes good and still be healthy for our systems, it is possible.

For example, salads can be boring but if we get creative we can turn a boring salad into a wonderful lunch. Try mixing field greens with unsalted toasted almond shavings (or walnuts if prefered), dried craisins and a homemade dressing of one part olive oil, one part lemon juice and one part honey. Whisk together and pour.  It makes for an entertaining salad and can be enjoyed by all (to all those glutin free eaters).  How about our red meat lovers; while I understand how popular red meat is, it is also unhealthy to eat on a regular basis. Red meat increases cholesterol and contributes to heart disease. Try substituting red meat for %99 lean ground turkey burgers, they taste just as flavorful and are healthier for you! Turn your turkey burger into a great meal with low sodium chicken stock, some chopped tomatos, salt and pepper. Put between whole wheat burger buns with lettuce and cucumber. For a dressing; toasted pine nut basil dressing tastes amazing (take basil leaves, olive oil and garlic in a blender-mix, toast your pine nuts a head of time and then add to the blended mixture, salt and pepper (a small amount of lemon juice may be added if desired) and you have a dressing!) For those who aren’t lactose intolerant add a small amount of whatever cheese you fancy. But trust me, without cheese……it’s just as good.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be a chore. Make it fun and adventurous. I have found through exploration that when I give my body the food it needs (and not what I’m craving) it responds in kind. I feel more energized, alert and happy emotionally.

A balanced life takes more then just healthy eating; exercise, meditation, yoga, a clean house (yes I said a clean house), giving back to our communities and healthy communication all contribute to a balanced overall lifestyle. But we can’t change everything all at once, so start small and start eating healthy.

For more articles on eating healthy and good for you foods; see my links to the right of my website.

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