Happy New Year!

To all my followers……………

Thank you for continuing to follow my blogs. It means a great deal to me and I wouldn’t be able to continue doing what I love without you.

December has been a busy busy month- hense the lack of food reviews. While eating was a top priority (for many of us), so too is my goal of getting my novel into agents hands. It is a tough and arduous process, but one I love and am hopeful that the New Year will bring exciting news!

Other updates-

I am working on trying guest blogs on other websites for the New Year. It means preparing articles and doing my research ahead of time so that my articles get published. I am focusing mostly on other food blog sites and food magazines; as well as healthy living and overall balance (body/mind) style blogs. I have been researching many great new hidden gems in and around the city of Buffalo, so I will be writing some new food reviews come January of 2013; also I will be adding video pieces as well as more travel food reviews in the upcoming New Year.

Thank you again for your continued interest- I hope not to disappoint. Have a safe and wonderful New Year’s Eve; safe travels and many great eats!



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