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Do you like home cookin’? Do you like beer? Put them together and you have Gordon Biersch Restaurant located at P 102 Galleria Drive, Cheektowaga NY. From the moment I walked in I was greeted with rustic stone work on the walls, a fabulous view of the brewery and one of the most charming hostess’s I’ve ever met. As she walked us to our table she asked if we had ever been to their restaurant before. I said “no” and she continued to give us the history of Gordon’s and how the brewing came to be. I don’t know about you, but I love a little history before enjoying a terrific meal. The boothes are surprisingly comfortable and we were told we had to try the homemade garlic fries ($6.25).

Let me tell you; if you’re a garlic lover like I am, these fries do not disappoint. They are homemade style steak fries and loaded with fresh baked in garlic. Because we couldn’t decide on a beer (the selection is quite extensive), our waitress suggested we try their sampler ($1.00 a sample, $5.00 a set); which we gladly accepted. Now sadly most beers are not gluten free and can cause serious upset for those with celiac disease. But not to worry there are many healthy food options (so both you and your spouse are happy!) and…….they do serve wine!

Starters range from Tapas ($9.25) and Blackened Ahi Tuna ($11.95) to Shrimp and Chicken Pot Stickers ($9.75).  Salads are an eclectic array of flavors and toppings; I suggest the Ahi Tuna Salad ($14.50), not only is the cajun remoulade tangy and midly spiced but the german style balsamic vinaigrette is perfectly tart and dairy free. A great option for all stomach sensitivities. 

My beer selection was terrifically paired with a free range baked chicken sandwich ($10.75) complimented with avocados, ranch dressing, lettuce, tomato and swiss cheese (which I opted out of). The chicken was moist and the avocados were very fresh.  I was offered a choice of dressings if I didn’t agree with what comes on the sandwich (and the waitress offered this option without prompting). But what I truly like about the menu choices; they stick to what they know, and when offering healthy options they do it right.

For example the veggie burger; which I sampled, is made with avocado and carrots. It was succulant, fresh and made me feel as if I were eating a regular red blooded burger (but healthier!)  They offer a “lighter side” menu for those calorie counters out there (they list the calories for you), and non-alcoholic selections for the Beaver Clever’s out there.

Gordon Biersch has been around for over twenty years. They continue to expand, offer private parties and brewery tours and literally serve with a smile. The staff are welcoming and give new meaning to the name beer aficionado.  The atmosphere is a great combination of old world european enfused with carribean flava ; making this restaurant the perfect place for date night!

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