Good morning dear readers. This past weekend was hot, humid, and a bit cloudy, however, it was a great weekend for reading our favorite books. I can officially say I have completed the Biography of Mark Twain (Mark Twain: A Life). A large volume indeed, it was a great read and Author Ron Powers does a great job of giving life and color to the extraordinary life that was Sam Clemens, a.k.a. Mark Twain. Powers research was extensive and he did a thorough job of diving into the details.

I never knew Twain’s deep passion for river boating (beyond having worked on one), and I never knew how atrocious his spelling and grammar was in his final works which were well documented but overlooked due to the compelling nature of his storytelling. Or, how he lied in his early article works to make stories that would “sell.” He would fabricate the most outrageous stories or reporting of “events” all to sell an article. However, he also loved immensely and had quite the exotic life. For anyone interested in biographies, this is a compelling and entertaining read (although it’s a heavy lift).

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It might be Monday, but Friday is just around the corner. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

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