Festive Foods For Fall: Savory Family Restaurant

How does pumpkin spice pancakes with granola sound? Or Creamy pumpkin soup? How about butternut squash soup or spaghetti squash with turkey cinnamon meatballs?

If none of these sound appetizing then this isn’t the article for you. But if you’re anything like me then you love what this time of year brings to the table; literally! Fall foods are some of the best and most creative foods of the four seasons; pumpkin spice latte’s, pecan pies and cinnamon chocolate hot cocoa….yum! Salivating over the eclectic and scrumptious choices WNY has to offer during the fall season has sent me on a mission to find some of the best restaurants this time of year. The next three articles will delicately peel back the cover on festive fall foods in WNY.

Breakfast is not only essential but it’s fun! It’s the only time of day where savory sweet foods (not talking dessert people) taste really good. If your looking for a great breakfast place then you need to check out Savory Family Restaurant.   Located at 5564 Camp Rd, Hamburg NY- this family style restaurant knows how to ring in a season.

A table of four; we took our seats and I immediately scanned the chalkboard for the day’s specials. As soon as my eyes zeroed in on the pumpkin spice pancakes, my search was over! These amazing fluffy pancakes were light, airy and had the perfect amount of seasoning. Made with the actual pumpkin innards (yeah sounds gross, but it’s really not!), this delightfully decadent dish had all the flavors of fall with half the fat! Yes I said it, half the fat! Made with wheat flour, smart balance butter, eggs, cinnamon and skim milk, and topped with granola and pumpkin seeds; these had to be the most delicious pancakes I’ve ever eaten.  The best part- they are $5.99. My companions ordered home-style pumpernickel toast with an egg, spinach, and feta omelet ($6.99); and “the works,” which consists of home-style pancakes, maple brown sausages and eggs made to order. Most of the dishes are reasonably priced and they are very accommodating to digestive needs.  So if you need something made with soy milk- they’ve got it. If you need egg whites- they can do it. If you want their fabulous apple cinnamon walnut pancakes made with skim milk- they’re all over it.

Savory’s isn’t just another diner style restaurant with competitively priced food; they treat you like family, remember who you are (in my case a repeat customer) and offer well balanced foods for the season. During spring and summer months vegetables are grown right in the back of the restaurant, and all of the produce is locally grown.  Savory does serve lunch and dinner; but I highly recommend their breakfast- it’s what they’re best at.

My only complaint is that service can be great, or slow as molasses depending on the server you get. But I can’t complain when the food is consistently good and always unique. It’s a “must check out” joint!

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