Digestion tip of the week: Mental health on the cheap!

I had a very interesting conversation the other day that sparked this week’s digestive tip.

We have all felt the affects of economic struggles. And while it looks like we may be hitting the peak of the hill and coming back down; our wallets are still quite empty. Everyone has been making sacrifices; like eating lunch at our desks instead of going out with the group. But we tend to go a bit stir crazy when we can’t just go out for lunch without feeling guilty. Getting out of the office to stretch those legs and smell the fresh air is important when your stuck in a cubicle all day or working 9 to 10 hours a day under florescent lights and dark hallways. Lunch time is a sacred time and one that is cherished by so many. It’s a time to be with colleagues under more relaxed circumstances. To let our hair down and not talk shop. But going out for lunch also means spending money, buying food that is quick and easy to get and usually equates to unhealthy lunch habits.  Another frustration I heard was- when your out with colleagues (or with a group of people), you don’t always have a say in where you go to eat.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to places and sat there staring at the menu board thinking “yeah that’s fried, that’s got loads of saturated fat, that’s way to greasy, oh and everything has cheese.”  But I never want to be that “picky eater” that whines about where we are going.

So my solution for all my digestive sensitive friends; bag a lunch and still go out and stretch those legs. Who says you can’t go out with the rest of your work buddies and take a lunch with you? No establishment is going to turn you away for bringing a lunch and sitting at a booth to eat. Not when the rest of your group is buying food from them anyway. Bag your favorite healthy lunch; albeit PB & J (for those not sensitive to nuts), tuna sandwich, egg salad sandwich (made with low fat mayo or plain yogurt), low sodium turkey etc… Put a bottle of water in and low salt gluten free hummas chips and you’ve got yourself a great healthy, cost friendly lunch. The best part, you still get out of the office and away from the craziness for a whole hour.  Doing this can save not only your stomach but your wallet as well.  There is no law that says you can’t bag a lunch and go out to eat! If a half hour is all you are afforded then take your lunch and sit outside at a picnic table or drive to a nearby park.

The point is you don’t “have to” buy lunch to go out with your group.  And you don’t have to force yourself to eat whatever’s on the menu when you can control the menu! Mental health is just as important as physical; don’t be John Nash (yes yes he was brilliant).  

Go ahead, take a chance; be the trigger of the group! (if you don’t get the reference I suggest watching more 80’s films- hint it’s Equss caballus).

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