Digestion tip of the month: Kristen Lamb’s take on “Happiness”

The reason I am posting this in Digestion Suggestion is due to the fact that healthy eating plays a huge role in how we handle stress, and learn to balance work and play. Kristen Lamb’s blog this week is one not only writer’s should be paying attention too, but as human beings, we should all be paying attention too.  Society has a certain “view” of what being successful means; I on the other hand have a very different take on it; and I feel healthy eating  is a key player. Visit The Sedulus writer for a blog I wrote not to long ago on the topic.

Food is not only a proponet for internal change, but external change as well. Healthy eating makes you sharper cognitively, emotionally, and physically. It can be the difference in how we internalize information, how we handle stress, how we handle every day living, and how we tackle challenges.

The Great barrier reef off the cost of Australia harbors the most exotic creatures in the world; this includes some of the most exotic coral on earth. But at one point scientists noticed that many of the seas population were dying off or migrating; this was due to lack of thriving coral in the reef. The coral were unable to sustain and were dying due to pollution and other earthly affects. After years of study, an organization finally took roots from coral plants and transplanted them in various areas around the reef so that it could flurish once again. Doing so not only helped the coral population grow, but helped sea population as a whole.  

The coral is the food and nurishment that balances and sustains oceanic life. Just like the coral off the great barrier reef, we need food to help balance and sustain our lives.

Couple healthy eating with Kristen’s Lamb’s take on balancing work and play and we may actually be on to something! And check out Kristen Lamb’s new book “We are not alone.” It’s a great read. Her latest article is below.


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