This is the step child of Untold Shorties. A collection of fiction works written by me.

Awakened by the Force I am not…..**SPOILERS

I may never have been to comic-con, and I may not have the inside scoop on the inner workings of a Death Star, but I do know good movies, I know strong story lines, and I have been a Star Wars fan from birth. Now I know this is not my typical fiction write up […]

The mysteries of Mr. Ducane

The gala was a complete success–at least that’s what I was told. I don’t remember much of the evening. I remember shaking hands, hearing over two dozen names I won’t remember, and explaining my pieces, over and over and over again. I drag my aching feet into the kitchen; the steam rising from the coffee […]

A Feeling of Deja vu…………

  I felt as if I had lived multiple lifetimes. Impossible, because I’m only twenty-six. And yet each day I wake up feeling as though this is not my life. I lay staring at the ceiling and decide it’s time to snap out of my funk. I’m procrastinating. I really need to start getting ready for work. I roll […]