Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival Press Conference!


Today was the day, a press conference for the masses. About what? Chicken Wings of course! I gleaned some very interesting information from this press conference.

As many of you know, I have been asked to be a judge on one of the panels- stay tuned for more information on that, and while my excitement for being asked was through the roof- almost literally, I was a bit perplexed on how to tie it all in too healthy eating! Guess what- I no longer have to worry about that! It was announced today that Drew Cerza and the Buffalo Chicken Wing festival are partnering with Gretchen Fierle, VP and CCO of  BlueCross BlueShield of WNY for a “Healthy Changes Every Wing” contest. That’s right; ranging from healthy chicken wing recipes and sauces to a good chicken wing dip, all of you healthy eaters out there can now either participate in the contest or just attend this wonderful event and actually be able to eat something! If you’d like to participate in the contest, click here to enter your recipe. Four finalists will be chosen to have their recipes judged by a panel at the festival. The winner will receive an on-air cooking demonstration and four Bills tickets. Chef Binks and the Healthy Zone with Dr. Alessi will be hosting the judging panel and the healthy chicken wing recipe winner.

The other very exciting news, for all those who can’t eat meat or are GF, there will be a vegetarian chicken wing option. I was a little concerned when Drew (AKA: the Chicken Wing King) looked like he might start hyperventilating with that announcement. But what it shows is that even for the Wing King and a Festival 12 years running, now with international acclaim, he sees the need for healthier eating habits and dietary requirements. It’s a very big step toward healthier eating options without sacrificing great taste. For you nay sayers out there who think it can’t be done, I say “come to the festival and find out for yourselves”. You will still get the crunch of the breading, the vinegar and smokiness of the sauce and the tangy sweet goodness of all the drippings- it just won’t add over 1,300 calories in one sitting, or have your cholesterol tipping the scales at the dangerous zone!

Among the 30 participating restaurants, one of which is an international restaurant from our friendly neighbors in Toronto, will be 15 new restaurants to the Chicken Wing scene this year. It’s a great way to introduce new talent, new flavors, and of course new options! I’m thoroughly honored and excited to be part of this event.

I will have more coverage before the festival and then of course the follow up to my judging experience! For all of you Digestion Suggestion readers, get out there and get cooking; submit those entries! I’d love to see one of my Digestion Suggestion Blog fans be the winner  for the Healthy Changes Every Wing Contest!

Good luck and healthy eats!


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