About the Author

“Never say never and never walk away.” This is my moto these days and I’m following it to the letter.author

Having spent my formative years writing, I slowly pursued a more realistic career path, obtaining both a B.S. and Master’s degree, and found my way back again. I spent 12 years working in clinical settings, court advocacy, and political work. Yes I said it- I worked in politics, writing and researching legislation. My truest passion has always been creative writing; particularly human interest, fiction and food. I love telling someone else’s story, finding the story or simply creating the story.

My love of fiction sent me on a path of writing my first fiction novel, which is now complete; book one out of three in a series. I have also been part of two research teams. The first was a research study on EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) as a memory aide and is in preparation for publication in the EMDR Journal of Psychology.

The more recent, a research study looking at the effects of childhood trauma and it’s connection with adult obesity. I write for national and international publications, work with an amazing local TV show, and am the Associate Publisher at Buffalo Healthy Living Magazine. Needless to say, I do a lot!

I’m also the Chair for the board of directors of the American Heart Association for Upstate NY.

On a more personal note, I have a love for outdoor sports; cycling, hiking, horse back riding and soccer in particular. I have a strong love of animals and am a big advocate of the World Wildlife Foundation and Rudy’s Rescue Center. I myself have two dogs(labs) and a cat. I love life, photography, food and really good wine. I’m married and have a wonderful family. My husband and I love to travel and have been to many places.

Along with my food blog Digestion Suggestion, I’ve been published in The Culture-ist Magazine, USA Today, St. Red’s Magazine, Accounting Today, Great Lakes Review, The Buffalo Newspaper, Buffaloeats.org, and (upcoming) Lake Erie Living–to name a few.

As I continue to pursue this path of mine I will go at it with full gusto! Thank you for visiting. Feel free to subscribe for more great food reviews and adventurous story-telling!author2