If you haven’t been then you’re missing out! Buffalo Soup Fest, January 31st, draws more than 300 individuals to the convention center each year to taste some of the best soups around. soup fest

As the fuzzy white fake fur has descended on everything and does not seem to be leaving anytime soon, it is the perfect time to venture downtown to enjoy some cozy, warm, homemade soups. Devoid of the cold bitter temperatures, these soups are a representation of 31 different restaurants; all bringing their A game.

There is something for everyone. With 77 different soups to try, those with gluten or other digestive sensitivites will find something to satiate their appetites. Here are just a few of the places you will find next weekend:

Crazy Jakes will be back and offering their scrumptous spicy bannana pepper soup.

Fat Bob’s Smokehouse will be offering smoked tomato and BBQ French onion soups (both GF).

Go Veggies will have Coconut lentil, vegetable kale and vegetarian chili; all GF and Vegan friendly.

Lomo Lomo will be offering a smoked sweet potato bisque…can you say yum!

Danny’s will be on hand to offer their amazing spicy Buffalo Chicken Wing soup. I’ve had this (with lactaid pills on hand of course) and it strikes the right balance of chicken wing flavor, spices and hearty chunks of chicken. It will warm you up head to toe.

Water Lily Cafe will have a Tom Yum Soup (GF).

So on a leisurely cold Sunday when you’re contemplating a reason to leave the house, Buffalo Soup Fest provides a great incentive!



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