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taste of buffalo

Started in 1984, over 400,000 people across the country and Canada descend on the Queen City every July 11th and 12th for the largest two day food festival in the nation. “It’s the people of Buffalo that have made this so successful. We have over 55 restaurants participating this year and that list is growing,” states Erin Collins, Communications Committee […]

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The mysteries of Mr. Ducane

Mysteries of Mr. Ducane.smtraphagensite

The gala was a complete success–at least that’s what I was told. I don’t remember much of the evening. I remember shaking hands, hearing over two dozen names I won’t remember, and explaining my pieces, over and over and over again. I drag my aching feet into the kitchen; the steam rising from the coffee pot. I listen for the […]

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For Mother’s Day–Serve Her a Great Breakfast in Bed


Mom’s work hard! From the day we were born, they have worried for us, rocked us to sleep, stayed up all night when we’re sick, cleaned up after us, taught us to drive, cooked for us, helped us with homework, walked through our multiple relationships, kept our siblings and us from annihilating each other, driven us back and forth to sports […]

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On the Road? Check Out Brock’s Riverside Grill


If you are a traveler and love to visit new places, Fredericksburg Virginia is chalk full of food culture and couture history. I mean who doesn’t want to visit the stomping grounds of George Washington! For me, it’s a great way to truly get to know a new place; figure out what makes it tick. I love that feeling of […]

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Healthy Recipe: Get the most from your juice

DSC00467 (2)

If your idea of a drink in the morning is a tall glass of orange juice with your breakfast or maybe even for breakfast, making your own juices can not only reduce your amount of sugar intake but can increase vitality and health. Juicing provides a cornucopia of colorful, flavorful fruits and vegetables that provide nutrients and lower risk of […]

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