Hello digital world!

Thank you for visiting my site! My hope is to create a website that allows viewers to easily find my blogs, posts and links to sites I find interesting and helpful. As I am new to wordpress, I will be developing this site as I go. As it stands I have a link to my blog: “The Sedulus Writer.” I am in the […]

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About the Author

“Never say never and never walk away.” This is my moto these days and I’m following it to the letter. Having spent my formative years writing, I slowly pursued a more realistic career path, obtaining both a B.S. and Master’s degree, and found my way back again. I spent 12 years working in clinical settings, court advocacy, and political work. Yes I said […]

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Daily Thoughts


Welcome to Daily Thoughts, a page where stories are told, interviews are conducted, and experiences are experienced! Food brings us together–thoughts and ideas, how we see the world, keep us together. These are my thoughts, my experiences, my hope for all of you, and maybe some inspiration.  

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