A Valhalla for both meat and non-meat lovers alike-The Buffalo Chop House (GF)

Having been established in 2002, the Buffalo Chop House has quickly become a favorite in Buffalo NY. Nestled in the back of parking lot at 242 Franklin St. with only a bright neon sign to tell you you’ve arrived, is the city’s number one restaurant for prime aged steaks. With how expensive this restaurant is, I was slightly disappointed that […]

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“A casual affair”- Buffalo Street Grill

“Keep it inexpensive please!” is the theme most of us dine out on these days. When looking for an inexpensive meal, or fairly inexpensive; sometimes quality is sacrificed. Not at the Buffalo Street Grill. The Buffalo Street Grill, Hamburg NY, is a snug restaurant whose wide windows offer a perfect view of village charm (61 Buffalo St.). The quaint bar […]

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Hello digital world!

Thank you for visiting my site! My hope is to create a website that allows viewers to easily find my blogs, posts and links to sites I find interesting and helpful. As I am new to wordpress, I will be developing this site as I go. As it stands I have a link to my blog: “The Sedulus Writer.” I am in the […]

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Daily Thoughts


Welcome to Daily Thoughts, a page where stories are told, interviews are conducted, and experiences are experienced! Food brings us together–thoughts and ideas, how we see the world, keep us together. These are my thoughts, my experiences, my hope for all of you, and maybe some inspiration.  

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